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Tiff Tag Reader

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A one file implementation of Tag-reader for complex Tiff files.



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This function tiff_read_header can be used to read the header(s) of complex Tiff files. It implements a part of the Tiff version 5 and 6 specifications.
   Info = tiff_read_header( Filename )
   [Info,I] = tiff_read_header( Filename )
    Filename : filename of a Tif/Tiff file
    Info : Struct with Tiff tags, or in case of multiple images,
           cell array with struct for every image.
  I : Image Data (Only supported for non-compressed data)
    SubHeaders can be found in SubIFD1,SubIFD2 ...

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How would I do the reverse?
I'd like to read a tiff image and it's header, modify a part of the header and write it back.



fixed small bug (multiple byte counts)

MATLAB Release
MATLAB 7.12 (R2011a)

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