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function tfsnum = isnumericcell(A)
% tfsnum = isnumericcell(A)
% 2012-6-9 9:49:20
tfsnum = cellfun(@isnumeric, A);

Comments and Ratings (3)

Jan Simon

Jan Simon (view profile)

My ratings are based on the usability and efficiency of the submissions. While the latter means the bare speed for small and large problems, the usability is based on these points:
1. A good help section contains a H1-Line, defines types and dimensions of inputs and outputs, describes the operation and exceptions (NaNs, empty inputs, etc.). The author and the data of creation is included. The help should be as short as possible without omitting any relevant detail (the compactness is my personal problem...).
2. The code contains comments for all relevant steps.
3. The function solves a frequently occurring problem, which is not solved elsewhere already, e.g. by a built-in Matlab function.

Summary: A "good" submission reduces the total time required for designing and creating the program, debugging it and finally running it.
I hope this motivates you to improve this or other submission in the future.

Renwen Lin

I am sorry it does not help you.

Jan Simon

Jan Simon (view profile)

I do not see a benefit in using a function without a documentation to replace a one-liner. The user has to open the file to understand what it does and therefore it is more useful to use the CELLFUN command directly.

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