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Save Simulink Buses definition file

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Automatically asks whether to save the Simulink Buses definition when saving Simulink file.



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If you update the Buses definition in the Simulink Bus Editor, the changes will not automatically be saved when saving the Simulink document. This script detects changes in the Buses definition, and asks if you want to save the new buses definition (unconditional save is not wise; if you did a 'clear all' or if you opened another Simulink model that also contains buses, you generally do not want to save!).

Usage: Right click in the Simulink window, choose Model Properties|Callbacks. In 'PostSaveFcn' type 'UpdateCreateBusesFile' (this will run the script every time you save the Simulink file). In 'PostLoadFcn' type 'CreateBuses' (this will load the buses definition when you load the Simulink model).

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Bugfix (thanks to Ivan Smits for discovering it)


New version of the file, which includes better comparison of the bus definitions and a checkbox for showing all buses or differences only.

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MATLAB 8.0 (R2012b)

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