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Quick 3D Data Viewer

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Small GUI for viewing 3D data with alpha mapping



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Allows one to quickly view a 3D matrix of values, allowing for easy visual searching of features within your data.

The matrix values are weighted with an alphamap to allow the user to make low values of the matrix transparent in order to see high values within the matrix.

Reads in data from a .mat file containing the following variables (and example is included);
matrix - ((nx,ny,nz) matrix) the 3D matrix of data
xsca - ((1,nx) vector) scale for the x axis
ysca - ((1,ny) vector) scale for the y axis
zsca - ((1,nz) vector) scale for the z axis
xname - (string) name of the x axis
yname - (string) name of the y axis
zname - (string) name of the z axis

How to use:
run "view3Ddata" to launch the GUI and load the data.

view3Ddata - figure and accompanying code.
plotMatrixAlpha - plots the 3D matrix with the accompanying alpha levels.
makeAlphaMatrix - generates the alpha map for the matrix.
exampledata.mat - a sample data set.

Created using 7.11(2010b).

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Kevin Claytor

@remidalmas - how exactly did it not work? I'd like to get it working for you. Did I forget to include a file? If you could copy-paste the error message here it would help me and others out. Thanks!

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MATLAB 7.11 (R2010b)

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