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Simulink Stereo Player (Featuring Vocal Remover)

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Simulink Stereo Player (Featuring Vocal Remover)


Ansuman Barik (view profile)


14 Jul 2003 (Updated )

'au_dio_equal_mod' is a Simulink based "Stereo Player" .

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File Information

'au_dio_equal_mod' is a simulink based "Stereo Player" . This Simulink model has got many featues.

One of the new featues is the Vocal remover that cuts the vocal in a song leaving only the background music . The vocals are not completely removed in most cases, but they are low enough that you usually can barely hear them i.e
 it can supress the vocals . For certain styles of music you might end up removing more than the vocals.

The "Stereo Player" model can only play .wav files . It requies a .wav file of 44100 Hz /2 ch /16 b (stereo input). The .wav file that
you will be using must be there in your current working directory ..

The simulink model works in the backend , front end being the GUI made by using GUIDE

Apart from these the model has got many sound effects modeled as subsystems . The following effects are there in the model ::

- Equalizer (In order to use the Equalizer press activate equalizer button and then use the sliders to listen to ur kind of frequency range)
-Surround Effect
-Balance(Left and Right)
-Bass Booster
-Reverb-Flang (A combination of reverberation and Flanging)

Required Products DSP System Toolbox
Signal Processing Toolbox
MATLAB release MATLAB 6.5 (R13)
Other requirements Requires a .wav file of 44100Hz/ 2ch/16b(i.e a stereo input).The .wav file should be there in the current working directory.
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Comments and Ratings (30)
19 Mar 2013 Jenny Morales


29 Sep 2008 Jose Vega

Well done!!

23 May 2008 Diego Diego

05 Jan 2008 iva yordanova

it good

29 Oct 2007 chara slovsky

for trial

16 Oct 2007 Juan Carlos Damián

I think that this project is very good, and I want to need the more information about this theme. Thank for your attentions

18 Apr 2007 Jason D'Mello

its damn good.I found my DSp proj.

19 Mar 2007 Diego Barragán

This program is great!

27 Feb 2007 mamun alam


30 Jan 2007 Sergey Volkov

Cool =)

04 Dec 2006 Joboy Bayalan

Have to try first.

Comment only
03 Oct 2006 Vicentín RD

Just change the input file name and it works fine.

12 Jun 2006 devil devil

cant play at all

31 May 2006 Anonymous Anonymous

Doesn't work

22 May 2006 Nador Laczfi

Not working! Anywhere I click on the panel (every button), it cause ERRORs!

11 May 2006 Banane test

22 Mar 2006 sugun kumar

17 Mar 2006 sujay betgeri


20 Jan 2006 dinesh mirche

21 Dec 2005 0zzie mila

14 Dec 2005 Srato Madden

Jeah! How i can download this player?

09 Dec 2005 joy enriquez

how to download this player? thank you!!!!!

09 Dec 2005 joy enriquez

this is was great!!!!!!

12 Jan 2005 mahdi rahimpour

03 Jul 2004 n b

19 Apr 2004 Robert Brown

Good to use

15 Apr 2004 ali shaf

13 Apr 2004 nguyen van danh

08 Jan 2004 aries llamas

07 Jan 2004 sourabh bora

good but more functionality reqd

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