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IMF for Bearing Fault Diagnosis

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performs HHT on signal & IMF is plotted for Condition monitoring of vibration based bearing fault

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IMF_BEARING() does the Empirical Mode Decomposition of the signal 'y' of sampling frequency 'Fs'. 'l' mentions the lth imf, whose FFT plot will be plotted. The function returns the IMFs and the FFTs of all the IMFs.

The function basically is for Condition Monitoring of rotating equipments by vibration based bearing fault diagnosis.

The function plots all the IMF in one single plot and also plots the FFTs of the IMF mentioned by l.

[y,Fs] = wavread('Hum.wav');

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Thank you

Santhana Raj

Santhana Raj (view profile)

@Muhammad Tariq Sadiq:
The files you ran are function and not just basic scripts. In the description/Overview above, I have given an example on how to call the functions.
Please note that Hum.wav is a Matlab inbuilt file and is not a Bearing data file.

Dear Santhana Raj, When i try to run emd.m i got the following error " Error using emd (line 6)Not enough input arguments."
When I try to run findpeaks.m I got following error " Error using findpeaks (line 5) Not enough input arguments."
When I try to run imf_bearing.m, I got following error
Error using imf_bearing (line 28)
Not enough input arguments.

Please suggest me how to remove above errors,


Thank you

yongchao sun


How to input a data file in ASCII format having 20480 rows and 4 columns ?

I want obtain bemd program,anyone can help me


Thank you for your sharing!


super (view profile)

gao yiwei

thank you !


Fan D.Chen

I think this program is very good, it is a perfect performance at run-time, I have to say, thank you

Santhana Raj

Santhana Raj (view profile)


You can check the book by "Hilbert Huang Transform and its applications" by N.E.Huang and S.P.Shen.


Harish (view profile)

Santhana: Nice job. Could you suggest a good paper detailing the algorithm (not yours specifically) apart from the 1998 paper ? Thank you.

Santhana Raj

Santhana Raj (view profile)

Wat u r asking is not related to this file as ur doubt is in simulink.
Drop me a mail with all the details, i ll try to help OR ask the question in Matlab Newsreader.


SANDY (view profile)


SANDY (view profile)

sir thank you, but another think is that...i m search the fault diagnosis block in to design in this block one input Vabc and four output H F F1 F2......H F1 F2 will go to in d1(u)d2(u)d3(u)and H will go in the Scope....u can see in this paper....modeling and fault diagnosis of IM by using intelligent control author by khalafso solloum hew wooi ping yousief Almushhadnay


tk (view profile)

good work

n chow

n chow (view profile)

Santhana Raj

Santhana Raj (view profile)

if u can share with me, on how u tried, then i can help u make it work, and probably make the files better.....

and FYI, it works perfectly fine for me!!!!

zhou jianshan

Thank you for your sharing!

MATLAB Release
MATLAB 7.10 (R2010a)

Inspired by: Hilbert-Huang Transform

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