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Harmonic Wavelet For Wavelet transform

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Computes the Harmonic wavelet and outputs in the form similar to other wavelets



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[out1,out3]=harmonic(LB,UB,N) computes the Harmonic Wavelet with the lower Bound as 'LB' Upper Bound as 'UB' and N being the number of points in the wavelet.

The outputs are similar to other wavelets already available with Matlab. SO, the function can be used universally

if Option > 0, a Plot of the harmonic wavelet created will be made.
<=0, No plot will be done.

The function basically is for computing Harmonic wavelet transform for Condition Monitoring of rotating equipments by vibration based bearing fault diagnosis.

Out1 gives the real part of the wavelet
Out2 gives the imaginary part of the wavelet


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bouh asm

please can any one help me with discret cosinus harmonic wavelet transform code

Wang Yinhu

n chow

n chow (view profile)

good work

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MATLAB 7.13 (R2011b)

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