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Permutation entropy

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% Calculate the permutation entropy



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% Calculate the permutation entropy

% Input: y: time series;
% m: order of permuation entropy
% t: delay time of permuation entropy,

% Output:
% pe: permuation entropy
% hist: the histogram for the order distribution

%Ref: G Ouyang, J Li, X Liu, X Li, Dynamic Characteristics of Absence EEG Recordings with Multiscale Permutation %

% Entropy Analysis, Epilepsy Research, doi: 10.1016/j.eplepsyres.2012.11.003
% X Li, G Ouyang, D Richards, Predictability analysis of absence seizures with permutation entropy, Epilepsy %

% Research, Vol. 77pp. 70-74, 2007

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quite good, please notice that the log base is natural. Fast enough, compute 2 order PE with time series in length of 1,400,000+ consumes about 30s.



add the histogram for the order distribution

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