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Power flow calculations.

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This program describes how to program the POWER FLOW CALCULATIONS using the MATLAB. It's really so useful and simple.

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Amar Kaswan

can you please provide a sample input file

hello, how i can i use this software? i need it for my assignment. . thanks for the help

Is there any example input file?

heba elsayed

hello, Are you have the simulink model for ieee 4 bus and ieee 34 bus?

Mohamed Ali

Dear sir, Are you have the model design of optimal capacitor location using Intelligent technique for 34 bus or 123 bus systems!
help as you can!


Naem (view profile)

I read this program line by line and I didn't see contradiction in the program.
but I tested my desire network as case study for calculating power loss and this program response wasn't there anybody who can help me how can account power loss?


Please, attach an example system file


Jan (view profile)


Jan (view profile)

Here is an example file, note that you have to input resistances in p.u. values!

SYSTEM Radial 1 0.04
BUS Bus1 SL 1.0 -1 -1 0 0 0
BUS Bus2 PQ 1.0 0.0 0.0 0.145 0.017 0
BUS Bus3 PQ 1.0 0.0 0.0 0.283 0.042 0
BUS Bus4 PQ 1.0 0.0 0.0 0.120 0.025 0
BUS Bus5 PQ 1.0 0.0 0.0 0.174 0.040 0
LINE Bus1 Bus2 0.0984e-2 0.0666e-2 0 77.3e-4 3.57
LINE Bus2 Bus3 0.1312e-2 0.0888e-2 0 103e-4 3.57
LINE Bus3 Bus4 0.1804e-2 0.1221e-2 0 141.7e-4 3.57
LINE Bus4 Bus5 0.082e-2 0.0555e-2 0 64.4e-4 3.57


husam (view profile)


mourad (view profile)

How to insert a photovoltaic source and estimat its impact in the distribution network ?

tamilan santhanam

It is good but another simple powerflow program in rectangular coordinates with test system in ieee available at this link

ngai Tran

Eng. Jamal Hammad

Gr8!! Many thanks Eng. Ala' Tuffaha for this excellent application file. We used it to have nine bus system.

hung pham cuong


BEKRI mohammed

hello Iam an algerian student at electrical enginnering please I search the codes of line , bus and the others ,send them me at the e- mail

Mira Rudolf

The best for lerning MatLab is reading the source files (in my opinion). I never seen the complex programming handbook.

yuda prawira

hamidreza mirtaheri

i need ur help for study in matlab now,tomorrow is too late!

vu ngoc

vahid marvasty

It's possible to solve a HARMONIC power flow with THD & bus Voltage constraints on a radial network? If yes, can I have a file for example? thanks

behzad farhangirad


rioken riman


lavanya nukala

Rui Parente

Hello. We are a electrical engineer students. So we are interested to developing a Power Flow system with matlab file. After search in the net, we found your program, and we decided to studied it. But now, we have a problem: how to create a file to describe our problem? After analyse your program, we define the following parameters:
SYSTEM teste 100 0.05
BUS 1 SL 1 Pgen1 Qgen1 0 0 0
BUS 2 PV 220000 90 Qgen2 30 15 Qcap2
BUS 3 PQ V3 0 O 85 45 Qcap3
LINE 1 2 0.02 0.06 0 0.0006 0.27
LINE 1 3 0.08 0.024 0 0.0024 0.27
LINE 2 3 0.06 0.18 0 0.0018 0.27

But an error occurs,

Can you help us?

mohammed siddig

can you help us in 3-phase load/power flow

mohammed siddig

this is good support
do more
thank you

Chintalpudi Balu

It can be more generalized so that compatable for more formats of input files.

Muhdzaki K.

sample input file anyone?

James Watson

I would like a sample input file

yahiaoui merzoug

maher al-dweik

it is possible to solve nine bus power system to perform dynamic stability

Vito Calderaro

It's possible to solve a power flow on a radial network?
If yes, can I have a file for example?


Elvis Presley

Jose Salazar

There is an easy one to implement out to Pai's book. Its the WSCC9 nine bus system.

Tam Karim

Please, attach an example system file

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