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Discret Wavelet Transform got Daub2

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Implements the Daubechies 2 DWT w/o using the inbuilt function



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y=d2wavelet(x,Fs,level) does the 2nd order Daubechies Wavelet Transform of signal x with a sampling frequency 'Fs' and the DWT is decomposition is done upto a 'level'
It returns the matrix of all decompositions and the final approximations.

Instead of using the matlab's inbuilt DWT function, this file explains the algorithm for DWT. Mostly useful for learning & academic purposes.

For other wavelets, the filter values alone can be changed or WFILTERS can
be used.

The function basically is for Condition Monitoring of rotating equipments by vibration based bearing fault diagnosis by the author.

       clear all;

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Hamid Ali

why there is error in line 26?
Index exceeds matrix dimensions.

Error in DauTransform (line 26)
x= x(1:L);


hello, sir.
i need DWT code (level 1,2,3,4,5 and 6) for analysis of climatic parameters. if you have the code please help in this case..

thank you


farah (view profile)

Hi, can you help me to detect saturation point using daubechies.

hello sir i'm searching for daubechies coding for denoising an image not a signal. can u pls provide me the coding for that. thank u

Raed Ibrahim


Santhana Raj

Santhana Raj (view profile)


ya sure you can.
But the effectiveness of noise removal depends on the noise type and signal type


ahmed (view profile)

can i use it to denoise audio?

Wang Yinhu


ajith (view profile)

thank you sir send the detail about the shift4 algorithm for image processing

n chow

n chow (view profile)

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MATLAB 7.10 (R2010a)

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