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A simple Simulink interface to the libfreenect Kinect driver for Linux-based systems

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The VU-Kinect block for Simulink streams the color and depth video signals from the Microsoft Kinect sensor into the Simulink environment so that non-developers can access the capabilities of the sensor and leverage Simulink’s powerful tools for image processing and analysis.
  Unlike some other Windows-based toolboxes, the VU-Kinect block is based on the open-source libfreenect driver for Linux-based systems. Real-time code, and operation using External Mode is possible, and the system has been successfully tested on Linux PC as well as PandaBoard target hardware.

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W (view profile)

Omar Crypps

It will be suitable for you to create the same VU-Kinect for Windows


Please note that your S-function creates a separate thread which then interacts with the MATLAB desktop (the MEX headers #define printf as mexPrintf, which qualifies as interacting with the MATLAB environment). This is an unsafe operation. If you create a separate thread from a MEX-file it may not interact with the MATLAB environment.


Sergiy (view profile)

I've tried it on a Mac, but the libraries are no longer accessible. I get an error:
sudo: add-apt-repository: command not found

MATLAB Release
MATLAB 7.13 (R2011b)

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