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MLIB - toolbox for analyzing spike data

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MLIB - toolbox for analyzing spike data



28 Jun 2012 (Updated )

Set of functions for the basic analysis of spike data from neurophysiological experiments

function out = mreshape(data)
% function out = mreshape(data)
% code accepts a one-dimensional cell array ('data') with each cell holding a vector of values
% and reshapes into a two-dimensional matrix with the first column holding all values from all vectors (across rows)
% and the second column holding a vector specifying which cell the values come from
% thus, the code prepares data for analysis with kruskalwallis.m or anovan.m or mes1way.m
% Maik C. Stttgen, August 2013 @ Erasmus MC Rotterdam, The Netherlands
%% inputcheck
if ~iscell(data) || numel(size(data))>2 || all(size(data)>1)
  error ('inappropriate input format')
%% the works
% first, count elements across cell arrays
n = zeros(numel(data)+1,1);
for i = 1:numel(data)
  n(i+1) = numel(data{i});
out = nan(sum(n),2); % preallocate for speed
n   = cumsum(n);
for i = 1:numel(data)
  out(n(i)+1:n(i+1),1) = reshape(data{i},[numel(data{i}),1]);
  out(n(i)+1:n(i+1),2) = i;

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