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Ray Tracing Volume Renderer

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Renders a 3D volume according to a intensity indexed color map and opacity map via ray tracing.



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This is a demo to use a c/mex volume renderer. The 3D volume is rendered by a ray tracing algorithm.

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Sail Yang

Error in ==> volumeRenderDemo at 4
mex -g 'ray_trace_mex.c';)

Change the function 'round' to another name, for example, I changed it to 'nearround'. Then it works.

Luke Xie

Luke Xie (view profile)

nice work

Ramiro Massol

hi Scott, I've no idea how to bring ray_trace_mex.c into my workspace. I also don't seem to have mex compilers in my computer. Any suggestions?

Line 4 just compiles the mex code. Is ray_trace_mex.c in your current workspace? have you setup a compiler yet (if not, run "mex -setup)? It seems like you are unable to run the demo because you are unable to compile the code, not because of a problem with the code. Thanks for your comment.

Ramiro Massol

Your code does not work. I got an error on line 4 (??? Error using ==> mex at 208
Unable to complete successfully.

Error in ==> volumeRenderDemo at 4
mex -g 'ray_trace_mex.c';)

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