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IIR Filters for Texas Instruments C5000 / C6000 DSP

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A series of IIR filters for use with the Texas Instruments TMS320C5510 DSK with C code and MATLAB.

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A series of lowpass, highpass, bandpass and bandstop filters designed using MATLAB. Application code written in C for Texas Instruments TMS320C5510 DSK. Can hear effects of filters using audio signal from a CD player.

Could also be applied to other TI C5000 DSP devices. Intended as a starting point by students for audio projects.

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This source code is for TMS320C6713 DSK but not for TMS320C5510 DSK.
Please correct your description as it provides wrong information.

Pierre Hubertin Andrianirina

Interesting !

Raveendranadh Anagani

zhang daniel


marvellous geevi

give more information in recent trends

John Smith



leong wainam

son trinh

i want a series of simulation of audio signal using Matlab . application code written in C for Texas Instruments pci-mio-16e-1

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