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Laplacian Noise

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Laplacian Noise



RANDL Laplacian distributed pseudorandom numbers.

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RANDL Laplacian distributed pseudorandom numbers. R = RANDL(N) returns an N-by-N matrix containing pseudorandom values drawn from the laplacian distribution. RANDL(M,N) or RANDL([M,N]) returns an M-by-N matrix. RANDL(M,N,P,...) or RANDN([M,N,P,...]) returns an M-by-N-by-P-by-... array. RANDL returns a scalar. RANDL(SIZE(A)) returns an array the same size as A.
    Note: The size inputs M, N, P, ... should be nonnegative integers.
    Negative integers are treated as 0.
       Example 1: Generate values from a laplacian distribution with mean 1
        and standard deviation 2.
          r = 1 + 2.*randl(100,1);
       Example 2: Generate values from a bivariate laplacian distribution with
       specified mean vector and covariance matrix.
          mu = [1 2];
          Sigma = [1 .5; .5 2]; R = chol(Sigma);
          z = repmat(mu,100,1) + randl(100,2)*R;

Required Products Aerospace Blockset
MATLAB release MATLAB 5.2 (R10)
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