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Skineffect Calculation

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Calculation of integral parameters for round wires by theoretical electrical engineering.



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This is a demo function for calculations with the Bessel-Function in the
electromagnetic science of cylindrical wires. This demo consist of 3 parts.

In PART I the specific resistance and inductance parameters are calculated
for a couple of frequencies for a copper wire. As well the skindepth and
the ratios of different resistancemodels are also calculated. The values
are written in a cellarray, which is the result [tab] of this function.

In PART II the currentdensity is calculated as a function of radius of the
wire for a frequency of 50 Hz and a current of 10 Amps. The current
distribution is plotted as 3D-surface plot as well as over the radius.

In PART III the electric field strength for the wire of a length of 1000m
and the voltage drop are calculated. The parameter for resistance and
inductance are also computed.

Bugs and suggestions:
Please send to Sven Koerner: koerner(underline)sven(add)

Programmed by Sven Koerner: koerner(underline)sven(add)
Date: 2012/07/10

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yoash levron

yoash levron (view profile)

yoash levron

yoash levron (view profile)

Sven Koerner

Sven Koerner (view profile)

Hi Jehan,
can you promit a con concret problem?!



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