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Flatten Any Mulitdimensional Matrix into a 2-D Matrix!

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Convert any multidimensional matrix into a 2-D Matrix. Then convert it back to its original form.



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Take any N-D matrix in MATLAB and flatten it down into an N x size(ND,dim) 2-D matrix using fDim.m. This is often times necessary when writing complex operations on multidimensional matrices.

It is also desired that after flattening, the dimension that is preserved has the correct sequence. This is especially important for vector processing.

Once flattened, and an operation has been performed on the 2-D matrix, often times the 2-D matrix will need to be converted back to the original multidimensional matrix. This can be performed using eDim.m.

See the multiDimDemo.m for test cases using various matrix sizes and dimensions.

Given a multidimensional vector:
>> vector_1 = rand(3,3,3,4,5,3);

Flatten it into a 2-D matrix preserving the 3rd dimension which corresponds to the proper xyz order:
>> [vector_1_f, fSeq] = fDim(vector_1,3);

Convert the flattened matrix back to it's original multidimensional form still preserving the proper xyz order:
>> vector_1_e = eDim(vector_1_f,fSeq);

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MATLAB 7.14 (R2012a)

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