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the images contained in the avi file are placed in 3D matrix , ( type [double]).



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This function converts the avi file ( Audio/Video interleaved) into 3D matrix M(n,p,q) called Voxel or image sequence for numerical processing , with :
n: pixels along the x axis.
p: pixels along the y axis.
q : pixels along the time axis .

two internal functions used : avifino & aviread .

Screenshot source : Mehmet K "Adaptive Motion-Compensated Filtering of Noisy Image Sequences" IEEE transactions on circuits and system for video technology (1993).

For video Files with "TrueColor" Imagetype use this code instead :
%function Y=Avi2Matrix( filename )


%for i=1:nframes
% Y(:,:,:,i)=video(i).cdata;

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Youssef Khmou

Youssef Khmou (view profile)

the reverse process 3dMatrix==>avifile can be found in the following page :



Code improvement for reading video Files of TrueColor ImageType.

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MATLAB 7.4 (R2007a)
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