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2D Autocorrelation function

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Calculate the 2d Auto-correlation function of matrix based on Wiener-Khinchin theorem .



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This function calculates the 2D auto correlation function of matrix ( gray scale image) using Wiener-Khinchin theorem and uses the four internal function ifft2,fftshift,fft2 & conj .

In the PDF file "2DAUTOCORRELATIONFUNCTION.pdf" the calculations are detailed using two examples,
1) "circuit.tif" image.
2) 2d zero mean Gaussian signal .
As in 1d, the 2d auto-correlation of the second example is symmetric and has Dirac impulse in the center.

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Boran Zhou

Rico Cahyadi

Tong Pang

Leo Shi

MATLAB Release
MATLAB 7.4 (R2007a)

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