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Min and Max for Array

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Find kth smallest or largest values and their indices.



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MINMAX find kth smallest or largest values and their indices.
         vals = minmax(data) % find minimum
         vals = minmax(data,k) % find kth smallest values
         vals = minmax(data,k,flag) % find kth largest values
         [vals,loci] = minmax(:)
         [vals,loci,locj] = minmax(:) for 2 d array
         [vals,loci,locj,...] = minmax(:) % for multi dimensional array
    data - two dimensional data
    k - number of smallest or largest values required
    flag - whether min or max
    vals - smallest or largest values
    loci - index to the row
    locj - index to the column
    data = 1:16;
   data = reshape(data,4,4);
    [out,loci,locj] = minmax(data,5) % find the 5 smallest vaues and
                    their locations
   [out,loci,locj] = minmax(data,5,'max) % find the 5 largest vaues and
                    their locations

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MATLAB 7.10 (R2010a)

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