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UIGETVARIABLES: Dialog to pass variables from workspace into GUI

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UIGETVARIABLES creates a dialog box for selecting variables from the base workspace

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It is common to write GUI-driven applications which require end users to pass in some variables from the workspace when calling the function to launch the GUI, e.g. myPlottingGUI(X,Y)
UIGETVARIABLES allows your users to interactively select workspace variables from a dialog instead of having to type variable names when launching your app. You can restrict which types of variables are allowed for each input, making it easier for users to successfully pass the right data into your app.

Give it a try and let me know what you think!

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Sai (view profile)

Thank you so much


Anand (view profile)

Cool and useful!! Thanks for sharing.

Lionel Smith

Exactly Michelle,
I would also propose to pick a column or a line from an array.
To be honest it's a bit painful to spilt a workspace into several arrays to make the GUI usable.
Looking forward to have it working !


Michelle Hirsch

Great suggestion, Michael. There's no easy way to do it right now. Ideally, I guess the interface would treat structs (and tables) like workspaces, and allow you to drill into them to pick individual variables.

Anybody out there want to take a stab at adding this enhancement?

- Michelle

Lionel Smith


I was wondering if it could be possible to have access to a specfic field into a struct variable of the workspace.

Nice job by the way.


Adam Filion

Adam Filion (view profile)

Hi Scott,

As an enhancement request, it'd be nice if this could also return the names of the variables selected from the workspace, for use in things like labeling axes.

Steph T

Simple, effective, and does the job very nicely! Exactly what I was looking for. thanks!

I was about to create an app and was exactly looking for something like this. Great one, thanks Scott!

Adam Filion

Adam Filion (view profile)

Very useful! Thanks!



Moved code to GitHub


New feature: Second output argument to return names of selected variables. As Adam suggests, this can be useful for doing things like labeling axes with names meaningful to your end user.


Bug fix.

MATLAB Release
MATLAB 7.14 (R2012a)

Inspired: Simple Viewer 3D, Volumetric Data Explorer

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