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Write Real Time Camera's Signal in Video File


Youssef Khmou (view profile)


Write avi file from Webcam, load the data to Workspace plus one other feature.

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This Simulink PROGRAM is defined as it follows :

 1. It acquires the data in real time from Webcam (integrated in laptop) or via USB (Universal Serial Bus) webcam.
 2. It writes avi file ( Audio not included), one can specify the file-name by right clicking on the component "Write Avi File" and set the path .
 3. It loads the data acquired to Workspace after the simulation stops. If you do not want to load all the frames, you can specify the number of frames you want export to workspace by right-clicking on the component "Video to Workspace" and setting the number
in the "limit data point to last" .
 4. It insert a static text on all frames, text features are adjustable.

Features :

 1. Device setting : 1.3 Megapixel WebCam, with video format : YUY2_320x240
(Other available formats: YUY2_640x480, YUY2_1280x800,YUY2_1280x1024), this option depends on the Device .
 2. Block Sample time : 1 every 10 .
 3. Data type : single.
 4. Port mode : one multidimensional signal.
 5. Color Space : RGB , because YUY2 stores color data at lower accuracy.
 6. Static text : "Test : Thursday 02 August 2012".
 7. Simulation time : It stops at 10 seconds, the simulation can be run forever by choosing in the menu " Simulation" then "Configuration parameters" and "Solver" and changing the value "10" to "inf".

Required Products Image Acquisition Toolbox
MATLAB release MATLAB 7.4 (R2007a)
Other requirements WebCam.
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30 Nov 2014 Valeria

Valeria (view profile)

Sorry, your program gives me errors like this:
Warning: Unable to load block diagram 'vipsnks'
In general\private\openmdl at 13
In open at 159
In uiopen at 196
Do you know why? I'm using Matlab 2012b

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30 Nov 2014 Valeria

Valeria (view profile)

Oh, sorry, do you know why it gives me these errors? I am using Matlab 2012b :)

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