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Local Binary Patterns transformation of the input image

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This function performs a Local Binary Patterns transformation for the input image



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This function computes the LBP transformation of the input image Input_Im.
The parameters of the LBP operator are (P = 8, R),
where P - the number of sampling points in the region with the radius R.
Radius R is the input parameter of the function.
Possible values for R = 1, 2, 3, etc.
If input image is COLOUR, then the gray-scale transformation is performed.

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niraj bagh

Hi, can anyone explain how to calculate Local Binary Patterns transformation for 1-D signal..

As Has

As Has (view profile)

are these features have a name like (contrast , energy i...... in co-occurance matrix )

Nice, um how about how to get the feature vector of local binary pattern on the segment image?

1) @bejaoui sawssen, you can convert the LPBP output matrix from double to uint8 using;

A = uint8(LBP_image);

2) @Santosh Shrikhande, to convert any LBP output which is usually a matrix to feature vector,

A = LBP_image(:);

% A becomes a vector.

Also, you can select the features of this LBP from LBP binary and comparing it with the LBP_image before converting to a feature vector.

I was tested this code, but an error was occured " Undefined function or method 'LBP' for input arguments of type 'uint8'"
How can i proceed ?

very nice code for LBP but how to create a feature vector of the LBP image.

L = 2*R + 1; %% The size of the LBP label

what is this..wts the use of this


dhbk (view profile)



Nagesh (view profile)

Thanks for Code,
I use corr2 function & comapare Original image with other images such as bright,dark & so on .....
take LBP of the same & got the result as..
corrrelation coef. as
B =(Original Images)

0.9916 0.9931 0.9290 0.9830 0.7434

A =(LBP converted Original Images)

0.8497 0.8919 0.8771 0.8510 0.8329

but this result are exactlt opposite,

Tell me that is correct if wrong then ,How can i prove this using matlab...



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MATLAB 7.0.1 (R14SP1)

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