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Vehicom LTE Link Level Simulator

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completed functions defined by 3GPP TS36.211/TS36.212 specifications

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The LTE link level simulator is a comprehensive simulation software used for algorithm development, performance evaluation and system validation associated with LTE systems. The simulator have Matlab and C versions. The C version simulator consists of optimized algorithms which can be easily transferred to DSP platform. All the functional blocks provide dynamic memory allocation for data blocks and easy settings of parameters offering advanced user flexibility to customized simulation. When compared to other LTE simulation tools such as Steepest Ascent LTE toolbox and IsWireless LTE PHY Lab, our software not only provides a friendly GUI with various settings, user defined input and output data, and open architecture to integrate user defined function blocks, but also integrates our proprietary high-speed channel models for vehicle applications and high-speed trains applications. The The key features of the LTE link level simulator are summarized as below: 1) fast simulation speed, 2) Affordable license fee, 3) 3GPP Release 9/10 LTE physical layer, PDSCH & PUSCH, 4) FDD/TDD mode, 5) LTE M2M, 6) User defined input and output data, 7) Interface to integrate user defined function blocks, and 8) Support all 15 Winnter II LTE channel models as well as vehicle channel model and high-speed train channel mode.

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Min JaeHong

Daniel Tweed

Interesting, but no documentation, no update since 2012, and not author communication regarding issues/deficiencies.

pliz send me the documentation on the performance evaluation of OFDM of QPSK, 16QAM in any model

your simulator is very interesting,but i need matlab documentation on performance evaluation of qpsk and oqam in winner model

your simulator is interesting, but I didn't seen any documentation on how to use it.

This is awesome. Please provide documentation. Or an example scenario.

luis vasquez

I need this file because i work with the S-ALOHA in LTE.

Where is the documentation for in the submission?

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