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Mandelbrot set, animated zoom

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Mandelbrot set animated zoom was made in matlab with function meshgrid and complex numbers and vectorized computation.
run mandelbrot3_avi.m to generate avi

run mandelbrot3_gif.m to generate gif
run mandelbrot.m to display static not colored set.

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kevin (view profile)

Works great, just be prepared to 1) Let it run for several minutes, enough time for roughly 600 images to be generated.. Just doing a few iterations still took a bit, as with any movie.

Also, note that you will probably need/want to change the compression settings, taking that part off completely is quick and dirty and makes for a large file size, but it also works virtually no matter what which is nice.

Youssef Khmou

Youssef Khmou (view profile)


it worked , nice effect when it zooms out, thanks !

Maxim Vedenyov

Maxim Vedenyov (view profile)

This line
F=[F(2:end) F(end:-10:2)];
in mandelbrot3_avi.m
add fast zoom out at end.

There is no such line in mandelbrot3_gif.m
For geting zoming out change zm in for-loop header:
for zm=1:0.35:zmmx
cange to:
for zm=zmmx:-0.35:1

Youssef Khmou

Youssef Khmou (view profile)

hi Maxim,
nice output, although what is the minimum alteration to the code so we can visualize the reverse action,i mean Zooming out.

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