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Data Encryption Standard (DES)

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The last generation of encryption standard, good for cryptography study and cipher design.

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This simple script implements the DES cipher, which encrypts or decrypts a 64-bit message using a 64-bit key.

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Yue Wu Please help with the query below

Rashmi Gandhi did you correct the code? which matlab version you use?

Kevin Okai

error; functions definitions are not permitted in this context

Putra Putra


when i run it, i have error message running on matlab R2009a

Error using ==> DES at 64
Not enough input arguments.

Rashmi Gandhi

just now i executed program successfully
provided suggestions to add text as input and get text as output
example plaintext=hello
again plaintext=hello

I could'nt get it to work, but thanks for the example! I am new to Matlab so this was a helpful.

ahsan elahi

@Anu Sharma..
did u corrected the code..?

i also have an error message while running the code on matlab 2011.
Error using ==> DES at 64
Not enough input arguments.

Anu Sharma

I tried to run this code.,But I am getting error in matlab that
Error using ==> bin2dec
Too many input arguments.

Kindly help.
Thank you

MATLAB Release
MATLAB 7.10 (R2010a)

Inspired: Tridiagonal

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