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FeatureFinder 2.4.1

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A user-friendly tool for signal filtering and feature extraction. Well-suited to large data sets!



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FeatureFinder is a MATLAB-based software package that lets you organize your signals, visually review them with speed and ease, apply filters and normalization, and export meaningful signal features in a ready-to-analyze format.

FeatureFinder organizes your files with your experimental setup in mind—i.e., by study participant, trial number, or whatever other experimental parameters you used—which makes for intuitive signal browsing to say the least.

What makes FeatureFinder really stand out is the option for you to code your own features, allowing unlimited flexibility—you can literally extract any feature that you like from your data. Check out for more information, video tutorials, and full documentation!

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Unless I'm not understanding your question correctly, I think this may be an issue with the MATLAB website? You could try contacting them through:


MathX (view profile)

When I click the "Watching this File" link it shows me an error: "The page you were looking for doesn't exist.". Why it happens?


Samuel (view profile)



A new version, V2.4.1, has been uploaded. This version has undergone minor revisions to default zoom levels.


New version uploaded: now with plot tools and profile "cloning" ability!

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