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Lookup the latitude and longitude of an address using different geocoding services



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Easily convert a street address into latitude and longitude using one of 3 popular web-based geocoding services (Google Maps, Yahoo Place Finder, and OpenStreetMaps).

Additionally this file works with the newer APIs, that longer require the an API Key or AppId.

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Anyone have fix for:
Error using geoCode (line 80)
Error, could not reach, is it a valid URL?


Rohith (view profile)


Ingrid (view profile)

I get the same error as Pouyan, I guess maybe the address has changed since the code is quit old?


Pouyan (view profile)

I see this error when I try to run the code:

Error using geoCode (line 80)
Error, could not reach, is it a valid URL?


Mazin (view profile)

When I give the function an address it says "No data received from server! Received code:610"

mal flower

This code runs great, but when I check the output from the osm option on another map, the lat / long are way off. Any ideas why?



Re-wrote the code to do a better job parsing the XML and checking for errors and missing data.


Fixed a error checking bug

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