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Simulink Support Package for Pandaboard Hardware (R2012b)



12 Sep 2012 (Updated )

Low-cost, single-board computer designed for audio, video, and digital signal processing

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The PandaBoard ( is a low-cost, single-board computer designed for audio, video, and digital signal processing.

With R2012b, Simulink provides built-in support for prototyping, testing, and running models on the PandaBoard and PandaBoard ES. You can design algorithms in Simulink for audio processing and computer vision applications then see them perform with hardware.


Note: Do not use the Download Submission button for R2012b.

1. Open R2012b MATLAB.
2. Enter "targetinstaller" at the MATLAB command prompt.
3. When Target Installer opens, choose Internet, and follow the instructions provided.

For R2013a and beyond - see:

Simulink support for the PandaBoard includes the following I/O driver blocks:
• Video Input and Display
• Audio Input and Output
• UDP Send and Receive

For more information on the PandaBoard, see:

For more information on built-in Simulink hardware support, see:


Simulink Support Package For Panda Board Hardware inspired this file.

Required Products Simulink
MATLAB release MATLAB 8.0 (R2012b)
Other requirements Simulink Support for the Pandaboard requires a Microsoft Windows platform.
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19 Sep 2012 Murat Belge

The PandaBoard Ubuntu image comes with a pre-installed VNC server (x11vnc). One can connect to the PandaBoard using his/her favorite VNC client (I use UltraVNC). To launch the x11vnc server on the PandaBoard, execute the following on the MATLAB command line:

>> h = panda
>> h.connect
>> h.execute('export DISPLAY=:0.0; xhost+; x11vnc -bg')

Using a VNC, one can see the graphical desktop of PandaBoard without attaching a monitor to the board.

29 Oct 2012

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02 Nov 2012

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08 Oct 2013

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08 Oct 2013

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