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Embedded Coder Support Package for Green Hills MULTI IDE (R2012b)

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Embedded Coder Support Package for Green Hills MULTI IDE (R2012b)



Embedded Coder integration for creating models that run directly in Green Hills MULTI IDE

function addr = address(id,symname,vscope)
%ADDRESS Returns the address of a specified target symbol.
%  A = ADDRESS(id,SYM,VARSCOPE) returns the address of SYM, which is a
%  string representation of the desired symbol.  The return value A is a 
%  numeric array with the symbol's address offset and page.  If the 
%  specified symbol is not found, a warning is generated and A is empty. 
%  Note, this method returns address based on scope resolution at the 
%  current procedure.  This method applies only after loading the 
%  desired program file.  This return value can be used directly as an 
%  input to the address field of GHSMULTI/READ and GHSMULTI/WRITE. 
%  VARSCOPE can be 'global' or 'local'.  This parameter tells the address
%  method whether SYM is a local or global variable.  The 'local' option 
%  should be used only when the current scope of the program is the desired
%  function scope.
%  A = ADDRESS(id,SYM) same as the above, except that VARSCOPE defaults 
%  to 'local'.
%  Return value:
%  A(1) - Address offset
%  A(2) - Page
%  For example,
%    coefval = read(id, address(id, 'coef'),'int32',5)
%  returns the first 5 members of a target's array called 'coef'.

% Copyright 2012 The MathWorks, Inc.

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