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Embedded Coder Support Package for Green Hills MULTI IDE (R2012b)

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Embedded Coder Support Package for Green Hills MULTI IDE (R2012b)



Embedded Coder integration for creating models that run directly in Green Hills MULTI IDE

function close(id,filename,filetype)
%CLOSE  Close project(s) in the MULTI(R) IDE.
%   CLOSE(H,FILENAME,FILETYPE) closes a specified project or all projects
%   in MULTI. 
%   The FILENAME parameter is the name of the project file that is to be
%   closed. If FILENAME is specified as 'all', every open project in the
%   IDE is closed. If FILENAME is empty (i.e. []), the currently active (or
%   in focus) project is closed.
%   The FILETYPE parameter is the type of file to close. The only supported
%   FILETYPE option is 'project'.  
%   CLOSE(H,FILENAME) is the same as above except FILETYPE defaults to
%   'project'. You get an error if FILENAME is not a valid project name.
%   CLOSE(H,'my.gpj','project') - Closes the project: my.gpj
%   CLOSE(H,'all',   'project') - Closes all project files
%   CLOSE(H,[],      'project') - Closes the active project
%   CLOSE(H,'my.gpj') - Closes the project: my.gpj
%   CLOSE(H,'all')    - Closes all project files
%   CLOSE(H,[])       - Closes the active project
%   NOTE: By default, CLOSE does not save the project before closing it.
%   Hence, any unsaved changes to the project will be lost. Make sure you
%   save your project before closing it.

% Copyright 2012 The MathWorks, Inc.

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