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Embedded Coder Support Package for Green Hills MULTI IDE (R2012b)

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Embedded Coder Support Package for Green Hills MULTI IDE (R2012b)



Embedded Coder integration for creating models that run directly in Green Hills MULTI IDE

function regwrite(id,regname,value,represent,timeout)
%REGWRITE Write a data value into a processor register.
%  REGWRITE(ID, REGNAME, VALUE, REPRESENT, TIMEOUT) writes the data from the
%  VALUE parameter into the specified register of the processor.  The 
%  REGNAME parameter defines the destination register.  This operation is 
%  directed to the processor  referenced by the ID object.  
%  The REPRESENT parameter specifies the interpretation of the register's 
%  data format.  The following REPRESENT type options are supported by this 
%  parameter: 
%   '2scomp'  - (default) 2's complement signed integer.
%   'binary'  - Unsigned binary integer. 
%   'ieee'    - IEEE floating point (32- and 64-bit registers, only).
%  VALUE can be any scalar numeric value.   Note, the data type of this
%  parameter does not effect the representation of the destination register.
%  VALUE is automatically converted to the destination type, which in some 
%  cases may produce data loss.
%  The TIMEOUT parameter defines how long to wait (in seconds) for  
%  completion of register write.  If this period is exceeded, the routine 
%  returns immediately with a timeout error.  In general the action 
%  (register write) still occurs, but the timeout value  gave insufficient
%  time to verify the completion of the action.
%  REGWRITE(ID,REGNAME,VALUE,REPRESENT)  Same as above, except the timeout
%  value defaults to the value specified by the id object. Use 
%  GET(id,'timeout') to examine the default supplied by the object.
%  REGWRITE(ID,REGNAME,VALUE) Same as above, except the data type defaults 
%  to 'integer' and this routine writes VALUE as a signed 2's complement 
%  data value
%  The supported values for REGNAME will depend on the processor.  For 
%  example, the following lists some of the registers available in the 
%  MPC5554 processor:
%   'acc' - Accumulator A registers.
%   'sprg0' .. 'sprg7' - SPR registers.

%   Copyright 2012 The MathWorks, Inc.

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