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Embedded Coder Support Package for Green Hills MULTI IDE (R2012b)

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Embedded Coder Support Package for Green Hills MULTI IDE (R2012b)



Embedded Coder integration for creating models that run directly in Green Hills MULTI IDE

function reset(id,timeout)
%RESET reset processor in the MULTI(R) debugger.
%  RESET(id,TIMEOUT) stops execution of the processor referenced by the id
%  object and then asynchronously performs a reset.  This routine waits for
%  the processor to halt before returning. The TIMEOUT parameter defines 
%  how long to wait (in seconds) for completion of reset.  If this period is
%  exceeded, the routine returns immediately with a timeout error.  In
%  general the action (reset) still occurs, but the timeout value  gave
%  insufficient time to verify the completion of the action.
%  RESET(id) Same as above, except the timeout value defaults to the value
%  specified by the id object. Use GET(id,'timeout') to examine the default 
%  supplied by the object.

%   Copyright 2012 The MathWorks, Inc.

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