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Simple Hydraulic System

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A simple getting started SimHydraulics model with 2 pistons and an oil pipe connecting them.



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When you press the brake pedal with your foot, how do the brakes have enough force to stop the car?

This model simulates the basic principle on how hydraulics system multiplies the force from one end (your foot) to another end (braking device) of the system.

Points to note:

1) There are 2 cylinders, Cylinder A and cylinder B.

2) Cylinder A has piston area A m^2 and cylinder B has piston area of 4*A m^2.

3) From the equation Pa = Pb, we get Fa/Aa = Fb/Ab, and Ab = 4*Aa.
P = pressure
A = Area
F = Force

4) From the equation above, we'll see that the force Fb = 4*Fa.

5) The distance travelled by A, Da = 4*Db, based on the conservation of volume, assuming the fluid is incompressible.

(Thanks to Wit Nursilo of Mathworks)

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