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Teaching Mechatronics with Low Cost Hardware: Webinar Examples

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Examples for the webinar "Teaching Mechatronics with Low Cost Hardware"



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This .zip file contains the examples introduced in the Webinar "Teaching Mechatronics with Low Cost Hardware".
The Webinar introduces different opportunities to integrate mechatronics experiments in your course using MATLAB and Simulink. We present how low cost hardware platforms such as Arduino®, BeagleBoard and LEGO® MINDSTORMS® NXT may be used in conjunction with MATLAB and Simulink to teach programming, algorithms, and mechatronics. By introducing different applications like controls, image and audio processing as well as mechatronics, multiple approaches that allow you to use Project-Based Learning to generate excitement and communicate complete design challenges to students without low-level hardware issues are explored.

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BeagleBoard performances are not the same you can obtain on a standard PC or using FPGA boards. FPS can't be much high and a delay is normal (especially in external mode). You can reduce fps, image size and resolution depending on your needs.


dddd (view profile)

Had you also low FPS with external red object detecion on Beagleboard please?

Lucas García


thanks for the info and sorry for not noticing it.

Hi Manohar,
the ".html" part was missing. Here it is the new one:


Hi Davide,
Please check the link. Its not working.
Please let me know where i can get it.

Hello Manohar,
the webinar is available on:
I will also update the File Description soon.


Please provide the link for the webinar for better understanding.

Murat Belge


Updated license


Update for R2014b as a MATLAB Toolbox.


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Teaching_Mechatronics_Low_Cost_Hardware/Arduino Files/Arduino Game/

Teaching_Mechatronics_Low_Cost_Hardware/Arduino Files/Blink Challenge MATLAB/


Teaching_Mechatronics_Low_Cost_Hardware/Arduino Files/Blink Challenge Simulink/

Teaching_Mechatronics_Low_Cost_Hardware/BeagleBoard Files/Red Object Detection/

Teaching_Mechatronics_Low_Cost_Hardware/Lego Files/Tribot Robot/Position Control/