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Video Adaptor device (webcam) setup for MATLAB



Video adaptor device setup for MATLAB

% Purpose: Code for initializing and seting up your video input adaptor (webcam) 
%device for MATLAB.
% A video input adaptor (webcam) has to be connected to the computer in
% order to run this setup. Image aquisition toolbox for MATLAB is
% necessary also.
% Author: Marcos Vincius Fernandes das Neves
% Date : August 24, 2012
% Version : Beta 0.1
% -------------------------------------------------------------------------
% (c) 2012, Federal University of Maranho
% email:
% -------------------------------------------------------------------------

%Find the devices and the inputs available in your machine.

%Expecifically show information about the adaptor.

%Show information about the device maximum resolution, the
%name and the input of the device.

%Open a window where you can use the video input device, set the resolution
%and 'start preview'

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