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Efficient Frontier using different risk return measures

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Code for finding optimal portfolios and plotting efficient frontier for diff. risk return measures



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This code plots efficient frontier and calculates the optimal portfolio based on Mean-variance, mean-semi variance and mean-Value at Risk measures. Only 2 asset can be used with this code. The code loads data from excel file that contains one column for each asset returns (no date). VaR calculated using historical simulation method.

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Fahari Wasi

Hi,what can changing the weights and and the corp variable to incoperate more assets allow it to be used for several assets?

Eric Wu

There is a bug when I ran the code as is...

Line: w(:,1)=0:.0001:1; and next line.

I have added the comments to the updated code. Also the code is currently for 2 assets but it is very easy to modify for more assets if you know MATLAB. If needed I can modify . Let me know



Added comments to the code

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MATLAB 7.10 (R2010a)

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