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Get Global Mean Sea Levels

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Get Global Mean Sea Levels



28 Aug 2012 (Updated )

Acquire time series of global mean sea levels from 1992 to present.

function [gmsl,year_vec] = get_gmsl_ns
%GET_GMSL_NS retrieves global mean sea level data from 1992 to present (with
%an approximately 2 month delay for the most recent data). Seasonal signals 
% are removed using this function. Chad A. Greene, 2012.
% For global mean sea levels with seasonal signals preserved, use get_gmsl.m.  
% INPUTS: none
% gmsl = global mean sea level array
% year_vec = corresponding years
% Data are retrieved from the University of Colorado Sea Level Research Group. 
% If you use this data, please cite the following:
% Nerem, R. S., D. Chambers, C. Choe, and G. T. Mitchum. "Estimating Mean
% Sea Level Change from the TOPEX and Jason Altimeter Missions." Marine 
% Geodesy 33, no. 1 supp 1 (2010): 435.
% See also get_gmsl, global_mean_sea_level_plotter.

cu_slr = urlread('');
slr = textscan(cu_slr,'%n %n','headerlines',1); 
year_vec = slr{1}; 
gmsl = slr{2};

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