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Better line crossings in Simulink models

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Improves readability of Simulink models by appending "line steps" to lines where they cross.



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Line crossings should be minimized in Simulink models (due to MAAB/MISRA recommendations). Unfortunately, sometimes this cannot be completely achieved.
This script updates regular line crossings with a "line step" and improves a readability of the Simulink model ("3D like effect").
It uses the fact that default Simulink grid is 5 pixels - the script appends line steps of 4 pixels height, which can be easily identified and removed (undo function).
For usage see examples and m-file code.
A Matlab shortcut can be created to ease the usage.

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Behnaz (view profile)

Works great, very useful. Thanks.


Martin (view profile)

Very nice!Thanks for that!


Lukas (view profile)

This is awesome....I have been looking for something similar for ages. Works great.

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