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Select original data through a projective plot of that data.



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In much research, one spends incalculable time exploring the data, and often one will plot the data and think 'my, that little piece there is interesting, i wonder where those weird points are coming from...' Well, this program allows you to actually select the original data directly from a plot. If you like your particular plot in 3d, use getProjectionDirs to acquire projection directions that provide you a similar plot in 2d.

This program shows a scatterplot of the data X (d x n) projected onto the directions given by projdirs, which is d x 2.

The program then allows you to select a contour in the projection, left mouse button to add a point to the contour, right to add the last point. It then closes the loop, and returns the orginal data that lie within the contour on the projection (again, given by the projdirs).

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Carlos (view profile)

Great tool. I use it go grab data points plotted onto a google map using zoharby/plot_google_map on file exchange... I am having an issues with it grabbing extra hidden data points. Specifically, it will detect several points besides the trajectory plotted onto the google map despite using the "Ignore" property with the appropriate handle. Any suggestions on how to get rid of these hidden data points from the google map? Thanks

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