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STFT, Short time fourier transform

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Short Time Fourier Transform without using inbuilt function.



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To compute STFT three windows are available in this code Rectangular, Hamming and Hanning. By default window overlapping is set by 50%. One can easily compute the STFT of sound signals.
Results are shown by 'imagesc' & 'surf'
function in single window.

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Ye Yuan

Pedro Junior


I have a noisy signal "X", whose size is an array of "1152074 x 1". I wish calculate the "Short team fourier transform" (STFT) and implemetar in matlab. Generally, we calculate FFT, I use an algorithm that works correctly, I use a Hamming window, with NFFT = 8192 points of the signal. MAs can not do an algorithm to calculate the STFT of the signal. Can someone help me?


Yu (view profile)

MATLAB Release
MATLAB 7.11 (R2010b)

Inspired: Short Time Fourier Transform

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