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802.11g wlan phy model

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It is a modified version 802.11a



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Modulator has been initialized as

% number of bits per symbol

switch modulation

case 'BPSK', Nb1 = 1;

case 'QPSK', Nb1 = 2;

case '16-QAM', Nb1 = 4;

case '64-QAM', Nb1 = 6;

case 'DQPSK', Nb1 = 8;

case 'OQPSK', Nb1 = 16;


modOrder = 2.^Nb1;

Nb = numSymbols * Nb1; % tx bits per block

codeRate = str2num(strvcat(code)).';

bitsPerBlock = Nb .* codeRate;

% interleaver

interleaverRows = 16;

if rem(Nb, interleaverRows)

error('Number of transmitted bits per block must be multiple of 16.')


interleaverCols = Nb / interleaverRows;

interleaverElements = [...

2*floor( [0:Nb-1]/2 ) + ...

mod( ([0:Nb-1] + Nb - floor( interleaverRows*[0:Nb-1]/Nb ) ), 2 ) ...

+ 1]';

The models looks like 802.11a but parameters used here are for 802.11g

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very interesting im currently working on a 802.11p. Can you please send me the documentation to understand the project? I really need it. Email:

How to run model with a concrete number of cycling frames? Where in Matlab Simulink to set this number?

jinwoo so

I use 2012a version.
In order to do my homework, i use your simulink file. but i have 3 errors.
S-Function 'wlan80211g_udg' does not exist, Initialization commands cannot be evaluated., Undefined function or variable 'wlan80211g_settings'.
plz tell me how to solve these error.
my email address is .

Please, could you help me?! Is there a way, to get frame rate in this model?


sai (view profile)

First of all thank you for the file. What parameters are to be changed for differentiating 802.11g with 802.11a and how should i change them. I am relatively new to Simulink. Please help.


Yaser (view profile)

Appreciated, god bless you, as I commented before, a little bit of explanation is mandatory, some visitors of fileexchange are new researcher and your files with a little details really help them



the model is modified to be used with matlab 2010a

MATLAB Release
MATLAB 7.14 (R2012a)

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