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GSIOC serial interface

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Functions for communicating with Gilson GSIOC protocol devices over RS-232



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Communicate with Gilson Devices over GSIOC protocol with RS-232.

Script for demonstrating the use of gsioc.m, a serial interface function for communicating with Gilson equipment using the GSIOC protocol. This code was developed while working with a Gilson 215 liquid handler but should be functional with any of the other GSIOC protocol devices.

Many thanks to Geoffrey Akien and his CO2gui - lab control and automation, for having figured out many of the intricacies of talking with a GSIOC device. This code is in many ways a simplified adaptation of his work with less error handling, but a little more flexibility.

starthere.m - example implementation of the files
gsiocserialstart.m - initiate serial interface
gsioc.m - primary function for send/receive
gsiocsendcheck.m - sub function of gsioc.m for serial communication

Example: Un-comment any of the "stype" and "command" pairs to
use the interface. Be sure to specify the correct com port and device ID

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I'm glad someone found it useful, it was a PITA to figure out!

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