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Biorthogonal Wavelet Compression Tool

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Contains numerous functions to generate biorthogonal wavelets and compress grayscale/color images.



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This package contains numerous functions that allow the user to generate custom or standard biorthogonal wavelets and then use them to compress any grayscale/color image on their MATLAB path.

The image compression tool displays

1) the original image
2) the biorthogonal wavelet transform of the image
3) the compressed biorthogonal wavelet transform
4) the reconstructed image

as subplots in a figure to allow the user to compare the fidelity of the original and compressed images. The image compression tool also allows the user to iterate the wavelet transform multiple times to observe the increased compressibility of an image's iterated wavelet transform.

This package supports the following classes of biorthogonal wavelets:

1) Spline wavelets
2) CDF wavelets (including the CDF 9/7 wavelet used by the JPEG2000 standard)

This package also contains a GUI-based biorthogonal wavelet design tool to allow that allows the user to generate their own Spline/CDF biorthogonal wavelets based on their frequency spectrum and pole locations.

This package implements the following computation methods for the wavelet transform:

1) Standard matrix multiplication
2) Fast convolution

The user is encouraged to compare the computation time and numerical stability of these two transform implementations.

Note: This code is all-inclusive and contrains no external function calls to MATLAB's Wavelet Toolbox. Only MATLAB itself is required!

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Ganesh Raut

Brian Moore

Brian Moore (view profile)

@Do - Run it like this to apply CDF 9/7 wavelets with 6 iterations and 99% compression:



Do (view profile)


Do (view profile)

Can you give us an example of setting the parameters of the function BiorthogonalWavelets ?…Thank you.

MATLAB Release
MATLAB 7.8 (R2009a)

Inspired by: suplabel

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