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Co-Blade: Software for Analysis and Design of Composite Blades

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Analysis and design of composite blades for wind and hydrokinetic turbines



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To obtain a comprehensive user’s guide and the most up-to-date information about Co-Blade, please visit:

Overview of Co-Blade:
Co-Blade is an open source software that can be used for the structural analysis and design of composite blades for wind and hydrokinetic turbines. The objective of Co-Blade is to help designers accelerate the preliminary design phase by providing the capabilities to quickly analyze alternative composite layups and to study their effects on composite blade properties, deformations, and material stresses and strains.

In summary, the Co-Blade software contains many features:

•Realistic Modeling of Composite Blades
-nearly arbitrary topology & material properties

•Computation of Structural Properties
-offsets: center-of-mass, tension-center, & shear-center
-inertias: mass & mass moments of inertia
-stiffnesses: axial, bending, & torsional stiffness
-principal axes: inertial, centroidal, & elastic principal axes
-modal analysis: coupled mode shapes & frequencies (via integration w/ BModes)

•Structural Analysis
-nearly arbitrary applied aerodynamic forces & moments
-computation of body forces (centrifugal, weight, & buoyancy)
-computation of load induced blade deflections, lamina-level stresses & strains, & panel buckling stresses

•Optimization of Composite Layup
-For a given external blade shape & design load, Co-Blade can determine an optimal composite layup which minimizes blade mass while simultaneously satisfying constraints on maximum stress, buckling, deflection, & placement of natural frequencies

•Graphical Post-Processing
-A large variety of 2D & 3D visualizations can be created through a graphical user interface to provide instant visual feedback

If you are interested in becoming a contributor to the Co-Blade project (either through modifying the code, adding new features, validating Co-Blade results, or anything else you are interested in) please feel free to contact me, I am happy to discuss possible collaborations.

Comments and Ratings (10)

Yu Guoqing

Some parameter mistakes may appeared,such as the relationship between Elastic Modulus,Shear Modulus and Possion ratio are not met G=E/(2*(1+v)) in isotropic material.

Yu Guoqing

How the force ,such as px,py,qz,can be defined?Where these values come from?

Mehran qv

Yu Guoqing

A great job!Why there is a forum to discuss the problems encounterd during studying

hi Yu Guoqing, maybe the .exe was not compiled in this version of Co-Blade

You do not need the .exe (in fact it runs slower). An older compiled version is still available here:

And newer version of Co-Blade have moved to GitHub here:

but I no longer have access to the compiler toolbox.

However, I no longer have the toolboxes to produce compiled

Yu Guoqing

Why there is no CoBlade.exe file in my download?


Danny (view profile)

Hi Adam, thanks for the feedback!

When developing Co-Blade, I was using BModes v3.00.00 20-Mar-2008 compiled using double precision linked with NWTC Subroutine Library v1.01.08 26-Sep-2007.

I would first recommend trying this version of BModes, obtained from

I will make note to update the documentation concerning the correct BModes version, and feel free to contact again if you have problems, cheers!

Adam Chehouri

First of all Great job!

I have however one issue with BModes. I have the BModes.exe and have made a copy and added it to the directory.

During the system execution of BModes, this is what I get

>> system(['BModes '{iSIM} '_BModes.bmi'])

Running BModes (v1.03.01, 25-Sept-2007, compiled using double precision).
Linked with the NWTC Subroutine Library (v1.01.08, 26-Sep-2007).

Invalid numerical input for file "WindTurbineRef_BModes.bmi".

The error occurred while trying to read id_mat.

Aborting BModes.

Any help as to why BModes is incorrectly executing ?

Jonathan Lister

Amazing work! I'd love to see a blade design tool included. It looks like this is analysis only. User has to supply their own blade definitions.



Added acknowledgements to other File Exchange submissions used in this work

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