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GUI for denoising video signals with Kalman filter

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GUI for denoising video signals with Kalman filter


Youssef Khmou (view profile)


filter grayscale video signals(avi || Webcam) with 1st Order Estimation & Kalman filter .

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Denoising grayscale video signals using :

1) Estimation with windows option : 3x3x3 or 3x3x2

2) Kalman filter

Note :

1.the Kalman filter algorithm here does not follow conventional description, therefore the code is open for
enhancement .

2.the numerical type is double [0,....1].

GUI, containing :

. two major screens and two minor screens
. 16 buttons & 9 edit texts .

features :
1. open avi file or acquire signal from webcam with parameters :
   -grayscale signal.
   -number of frames specified with
   string "Frames" .

2. play and replay original, noisy and filtered signals .
3. add Gaussian noise with parametrs mean and variance note that for better performance do not exceed 0.1 for
  variance, and 0.005 for mean .
4.Apply Kalman filter with Estimation
  option=1 , estimation 3x3x3.
  option=2 , estimation 3x3x2.
5.Compute and show the mean Covariance matrix & mean Kalman Gain over all frames.
6.Compute and show MSE & PSNR over all frames .
7.Compute and show the Cross correlation of the elimanted noise of frame specified
  with " Time index" edit text. Histograms of the noisy and filtered frames specified with "Time index" .
9.Evaluate single pixel over all frames , by entering the coordinates of the pixel .
10.Export the filtered signal into GIF file , by giving the filename .
11. Export single filtered frame with its associate noisy frame .

MATLAB release MATLAB 7.4 (R2007a)
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Comments and Ratings (3)
16 Nov 2014 Awais Nazir

errorneous code. Just giving image of Kalman Filter, which it is not.

For example:
line = size(video,1);
column = size(video,2);
time = size(video,3);

this code tries to access first frame of given video file. But video variable used here is a string, and not a video object. He never used video object to extract the frames.

11 Sep 2014 Nguyen Thanh Phong  
10 May 2013 zetad yosif  

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