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GTL jetfuel_ternplot with neural network

This is an upgrade of the ternplot code written by Carl Sandrock (ID#2299).

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Here the main2D.m code plots relationship between three chemical compositions of GTL (normal-paraffin, iso-paraffin and cyclo-paraffin). At the end it gives four different versions optimized plot (overlap of all four ternplots of chemical properties). Simulink ccgtl.mdl plots by using neural network block.

I like to thank this author Carl Sandrock for his amazing code base on what this upgrade is made. I also thank Dr.Ehsan Elborzi (Shelfield university) for his contribution and Dr.Nimir Elbashir (texas A&M university) for his support in providing GTL research data that this code is using to plot.

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MATLAB Release
MATLAB 7.12 (R2011a)

Inspired by: alchemyst/ternplot

Inspired: 3D ternplot, GTL 3D ternplot

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