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WA1500 - RS-232 Driver for Burleigh WA-1500 Wavemeter

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Matlab driver to communicate with Burleigh WA-1500 wavemeter via RS-232. Send digital commands



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    The wa1500 toolbox allows communication to a Burleigh WA-1500
    wavemeter via an RS-232 connection. Wavemeter communication can be
    initialized and read out digitally. The analog output can be read and
    converted to a wavelength in the software. The toolbox includes
    functionality to send serial commands to the wavemeter.
    The package documentation can be opened by typing

      >> doc wa1500

    into a matlab prompt.

    The serial cable should be plugged into the 'COM1' port of the
    machine. A different serial port can be used by modifying the
    wa_initialize function. This allows matlab to communicate with the
    instrument using the SERIAL and FPRINTF functions.

    Reading the wavelength using the analog output results in a faster
    read time. However, to do this directly into matlab requires the data
    acquisition toolbox and a DAQ board.

WA1500 main functions.
    wa_readWavelength - Get a single wavelength measurement
    wa_findInstrument - get the wa1500 serial instrument
    wa_close - Shut down communication to wavemeter
    wa_command - send serial commands to wavemeter
    wa_getInstrumentStatus - get current operating status of wavemeter
    wa_initialize - Initializes communcication to WA-1500 wavemeter
    wa_testCommunication - test communcication to WA-1500 wavemeter
    wa_volts2nm - Convert analog out voltage to wavelength
    wa_waitForSettle - wait for laser wavelength to settle
    wa_getSetPoint - returns the current set point
    wa_resetDeviation - Set the setpoint equal to current wavelength
    wa_devResetQ - does the deviation need to be reset?
    wa_getReading - get the text reading from wavemeter

    INSTALL, LICENSE, README, Burleigh WA-1500 manual.

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