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Home Networking Basis

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M-files for chapters 2-10 and Simulink models for Ethernet and Wireless Ethernet.

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This is the first systematic technical guide to all leading transmission media and communication protocols for in-home networking. Using detailed simulation techniques provided as MATLAB® files and SIMULINK® models (downloadable from the companion website at, Walter Y. Chen covers the technical challenges and implementation of twisted-pair telephone wiring, coax, powerline, and RF transmission. Next, Chen thoroughly reviews each leading communications protocol: Ethernet, HomePNA 1.0/2.0, FireWire, X-10, CEBus, HomePlug, Wireless LAN, and HomeRF. Finally, he covers today's leading mechanisms and protocols for linking the Internet with home networks.

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Pai-Rui Chen

great, thanks


many thanks for the book and the file.

Aiman Qais

Dear Author, could you give me the block diagram of "100-Meter Category 3 Cable Model in s Format" in matlab files of chapter 6. Thanks!

rajesh kumar saminathan

it's very useful for me.

sarfraz ali

the book is quite intresting

mohammad m alivandi

It was useful, thx

Tran Thanh Tong

Dear Author,
Could you show me how to simulate "PLRandom.m" for the OFDM system. In this system, transmitted signal consists of the in_phase component and quaradure component.

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