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Three dimensional implementation of the Canny edge detection

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Three dimensional implementation of the Canny edge detection


boyexex (view profile)


Can be used to detected surfaces from a 3D volume.

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Current implementation is not optimized.
Process a small portion of 3D volume at a time and combine them at the end to reduce memory consumption.

Required Products MATLAB
MATLAB release MATLAB 7.8 (R2009a)
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Comments and Ratings (7)
15 Dec 2013 Akshay Gore

Akshay Gore (view profile)

plz give a example to run program
size of gaussian filter?
final = canny3D(lena, filsize,0.5, 10,1);

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21 Sep 2013 boyexex

boyexex (view profile)

im: 3D matrix of the image stack; type: double
filsize: size of gaussian filter; type: unsigned integer
sigma: standard deviation of the gaussian filter; type: double
th_up: upper threshold for the hysteresis process; type: double
th_low: lower threshold for the hysteresis process; type: double

Hope this help.

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19 Sep 2013 Cady

Cady (view profile)

Can you go into more detail on how it works bc I am getting a "Not enough input arguments" error at line 16

16 May 2013 boyexex

boyexex (view profile)

Re CH:
line 21 of the nonmax_sup.m file should be:
imtemp = interp3(x,y,z,imfil_mag,xi,yi,zi);
rather than":
imtemp = interp3(imfil_mag,xi,yi,zi);

In addition, the input volume data of the canny3D function has to be a 3D array.

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23 Apr 2013 JR King

Same error as CH for me.

21 Feb 2013 Chuck Hatt

Didn't work for me, but looks promising

edgevol = canny3D(double(vol),5,2,.3,.1);
??? Subscript indices must either be real positive integers or logicals.

Error in ==> interp3>linear at 374
F = (( arg4(ndx).*(1-t) + arg4(ndx+1).*t ).*(1-s) + ...

Error in ==> interp3 at 223
vi = linear(x,y,z,v,xi,yi,zi,ExtrapVal);

Error in ==> nonmax_sup at 21
imtemp = interp3(imfil_mag,xi,yi,zi);

Error in ==> canny3D at 28
im_sub = nonmax_sup(imfil_x,imfil_y,imfil_z,th_up, th_low);

30 Sep 2012 boyexex

boyexex (view profile)

parameters of this function is simple.

im_out = canny3D(im_in, size_of_gaussian_filter, SD_of_gaussian_filter, upper_threshold, lower_threshold)

im_out is a logical 3D array of surfaces; 1 for surface, 0 otherwise.

For the definition of upper_threshold and lower_threshold please check the original paper on Canny edge detection by John Canny.

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